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    On a local LAN iMac with Mojave I usually use SMB to connect to my Drobo NAS box. Cant equal love all of the internet's creations!

    The other day I was cleaning up said Drobo when where a number of files that would not delete. They were remnants of an older application package. I used all the normal methods:
    -"Get Info" and adjusted permissions & un lock.
    -Finder's "Show Package Content"
    -doing a move would perform the copy portion but not the delete portion
    -used 3rd party "Path Finder" tools
    -opened a Terminal window and linux commands
    -Tried to move the files to a new created Drobo file share and delete

    finally re mounted using AFP://my_Drobo/stuck files. Did a normal delete and the files went away

    so AFP is useful after all?

    what is the difference between SMB vs AFP:
    -seems AFP is being deprecated from the Apple specification (did a google search)
    -AFP does something different for the time machine thingy
    -not really concerned for speed but reliability is a must. No orphaned files please!
    -is some sort of specification, maybe a improved SMB, in the works to address modern file performance like: teraByte size, cloud storage, SSD, encryption.
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    SMB in current Macs and is supported standard! However the SMB that is in current Macs is SMB 2 while the rest of world(China and far EST countries) use the older SMB1 protocol!

    AFP=Apple File System was released in the 80s before a transfer protocol was finished. Yes it still their but use the Standard SMB!

    Plus I found this interesting thread at Apple Support discussion MacOS Mojave Issues. Pay attention to the last entry about his fix!
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    on the land line mr. smith.
    At some point, AFP will go away, or simply no longer work.

    As of 10.14, it is still very useful, and seems a bit better overall than SMB to me. I use both on a Synology, and AFP still edges out SMB just a bit for features.

    It will be interesting to see if 10.15, or perhaps 10.16 could have SMB overtake AFP for Mac users in either performance or features.
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    i was deleting files off an old NAS box. As usual Finder left me files it just could not delete.

    All the normal tools were not able to get these files deleted.
    Till I thought to log in as AFP://myNAS
    which worked immediate.

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