Smoke around macbook pro.

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Bezbozny, Dec 20, 2009.

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    i have a macbook pro core2duo 2.33 GHz late 2006 model. Todayu when i woke up i saw a significant amount of smoke all around my macbook pro and upon the table in which it was standing. i attach some pictures that i found on the web and that are similar to my situation. Unfortunately i cleaned mine before taking pictures.
    The weird thing is that it was working just fine and it is still working without any apparent problems. I found a thread in another forum and they were saying that this can be due to a blown capacitor. I do not have a warranty and i am curious about some things.
    Since the computer is working fione should i take it for service? I am no longer under warranty and here in Greece it costs 50 euros just to have your machine checked.
    If it is a blown capacitor is there a possibility that it can be replaced without changing the whole logic board? I suppose that the logic board must be very expensive.
    I have a friend that repairs computer. Do you think that he could repair the faulty capacitor or do i have to take it to an authorised mac service?

    Thank you for your help.

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    It's surprising that it still works. It could be any component inside blown, maybe a capacitor, resistor, inductor, transistor, or small IC. It would be difficult to replace one of these components yourself, though it should be possible to have someone do it if you can find a replacement part and there isn't too much damage to the board. You would need to find someone who is skilled in repairing electronics, and you might need to take apart an identical model MBP to find the specifications of the damaged part.

    If you want to be sure of the repair, it would be better to take it to an Apple service center, but they will probably charge you to replace the whole logic board. Repairing a capacitor (or other small part on the board) on a board is beyond what a typical computer repair involves, but it would be worth asking your friend if he could do it. There is some risk that if someone attempts to repair it, it will stop working.
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    Except it's a MacBook.
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    Someone really loves the BadBoy Pro way too much.
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    That Book is toast.. I would probably tear it down to see which component looks smoked.
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    i think your best bet will be to purchase the logic board somewhere online, get a good set of tools, and replace the logic board yourself. has good instructions on how to do this, although the spare parts they link are expensive. If you take it to a person to fix, they will charge you the diagnosis fee, labor for repair, and price for the parts plus a comission on the parts too.

    get a good decent set of tools (that matches what says you'll need) too.

    Especially since your computer has the nvidia graphics issue, this repair of the logic board may be a good pre-emptive fix.
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    Ah Shambo, you and your Badbook pro. But as previously pointed out, this is a MacBook. A BadBook?

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