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    May 13, 2008
    Hey guys - does anyone know if there are any HomeKit enabled smoke detectors on the market besides this one from OneLink? Environmental detectors that will send an alert when they detect smoke would also work, as I'm purely looking for a way to get an alert when smoke is detected when I'm away from home - I have very good non-smart detectors for when I am home.

    The OneLink's poor reviews on Amazon make me nervous about purchasing that option. I also noticed the other day that on Apple Store demo iOS devices, the Home app lists smoke detectors under the Favorites, so I'm hoping that there might be other options that I haven't found yet in my search. If you guys know if anything I'd love to know! Also - apologies if this is redundant. I'm new to the home automation forum and didn't find much in my searches...
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    I do not think there are any others currently. I am in the market for one too and have been apprehensive about the OneLink for the same reasons. Hopefully some competitors will crop up soon and maybe they will even drive price down too.
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    Thought so, but thanks for confirming! I'm kind of surprised that more companies haven't jumped on this. Seems like a no brainer.
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    There are non-HomeKit options, though, if all you need are remote notifications. I have several Nest Protect (v2) smoke detectors and they've been great. The version 1 apparently had some issues with false alarms, but the newest versions are solid in my experience.

    Remote notifications work quite well. They even notify before they run the self-tests. If you have a Nest thermostat, they'lll turn off the furnace and fan when the smoke/CO alarms go off. And if you have a Nest Cam, it'll send a snapshot of what's going on.
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    I was recently looking for Homekit smoke detectors, but the OneLink's bad reviews convinced me to go with Nest Protect. I don't regret it. I already have Nest thermostats (accessible to Homekit via Homebridge), and the Nest app is quite good and will suffice to control them. Let's face it - you don't turn smoke detectors on and off the way you do lamps. The Nest Protects are not only the only photoelectric smoke/CO detector on the market that can detect both fast-burning and smoldering fires, but it also has a brilliant little night light that comes on as I approach and turns off after I pass. I can get from my bedroom on the second floor to the electrical panel in the basement on those night lights alone.

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