SMS messages show phone number, not contact name


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Nov 15, 2011
Installed 5.01 this morning and now my SMS messages are identified by the phone number and not the contact name. Rebooted twice, with no result.

Is there a fix or is this a known issue Apple is working on?



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Jun 22, 2010
If you have Verizon dial *228. then hit option one. That should fix it. If not try hitting option 2. Then restart the phone.

Adding the 1 in front of some numbers worked. Other it didn't work. After I did what I posted above I haven't had any issues.


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Dec 6, 2011
I noted the issue of phone calls, SMS & MMS messages starting to come in with phone numbers only and not resolving to contacts. Even thought the contacts already had the number in their profile.

I worked with Apple support and my issue seemed to be specific to Verizon. I corrected the issue by call *228 and use option #1 to program your phone again.

The fix was not immediate and after 3-5 minutes my phone numbers in recent calls did indeed resolve to a name versus just displaying the number. I also noted the SMS/MMS messages did not truncate or combine, though new messages did resolve to a name.

Hope this helps you!
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