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    Address Book / SMS / Problem
    I have a PB 1.25 w/ bluetooth / airport etc. Sys Tiger 10.4.2 everthing up to date.

    My phone is a SonyErricson K750i.

    The phone is paired OK, iSync works fine.

    The problem is that in Address Book, I seem to no longer be able to send or recieve SMS messages. I've pressed the BT icon in the program and it turns blue fine. And the BT symbol on my phone shows there is a connection.

    If I go to my mobile number in AB, I have three option.

    To display the phone number large - works fine.

    To ' Dial Number With K750i ' - nothing happens ( no dialogue box shows up and nothing happens on the phone - no matter if I choose someone elses number )

    To ' SMS Message ' - the text field comes up, I type in a message and press send ( all as normal ) - but no message is sent. Also, if I send a text message to myself from my phone, on my phone I receive the text, but no window pops up in the computer to show I have an incoming message.

    This is a feature I really like, and need it fixed. I'm not to sure about deleting pref files etc. so thought I'd ask you guys first! I have saved my AB contacts.

    Any thoughts guys?

    cheers :confused: :confused: :confused:

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