SMSdaemon? What is it?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by jedivulcan, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. jedivulcan macrumors 6502

    May 15, 2007
    I'm trying to figure out what SMSdaemon is and how to remove it. Is it a vital system process or something malicious? It can hog up a ton of ram and when I kill it, it comes back. Help? Thanks!
  2. Mal macrumors 603


    Jan 6, 2002
    It's a Unix process that allows the sending of SMS messages (to cell phones). I have no idea why it'd be taking up a bunch of resources, or be running at all, do you have an SMS widget or something installed? Might try removing that if you can, assuming that you do.

  3. jedivulcan thread starter macrumors 6502

    May 15, 2007
    I don't have any SMSwidgets running at all. They have all been deleted. The SMSdaemon slowly takes up memory and every time I kill the process, it comes back.
  4. jedivulcan thread starter macrumors 6502

    May 15, 2007
    Got it, found the source of the process by using "inspect" on Activity Monitor... apparently it was an application support script that went awol. Killed and quickly deleted the script before it could start up again... vola!
  5. soundsgoodtome macrumors regular


    Jun 8, 2007
    Los Angeles
    Wow -- this is exactly the problem I'm having. You mentioned what you did, but didn't mention how you did it!

    How does one "kill and quickly delete the script"?
  6. soundsgoodtome macrumors regular


    Jun 8, 2007
    Los Angeles

    Well, I identified a couple of items in Application Support that were supposedly the problem -- so I deleted them and logged out/back in. But now, Console reports that something is repeatedly attempting to launch the items I deleted, so obviously there's more I need to do.

    The following messages are regenerated in Console, non-stop, every few seconds:

    Wed 10.01.08 10.01.08 10:07:57pm[1] (com.app4mac.CheckUpAgent[708]) posix_spawn("/Applications/", ...): No such file or directory
    Wed 10.01.08 10.01.08 10:07:57pm[1] (com.app4mac.CheckUpAgent[708]) Exited with exit code: 1
    Wed 10.01.08 10.01.08 10:07:57pm[1] (com.app4mac.CheckUpAgent) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds

    Wed 10.01.08 10.01.08 10:08:04pm[109] (com.micromat.SMSDaemon[709]) posix_spawnp("/Users/merv/Library/Application Support/Syphone/SMSDaemon", ...): No such file or directory
    Wed 10.01.08 10.01.08 10:08:04pm[109] (com.micromat.SMSDaemon[709]) Exited with exit code: 1
    Wed 10.01.08 10.01.08 10:08:04pm[109] (com.micromat.SMSDaemon) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds

    How do I stop this?
  7. soundsgoodtome macrumors regular


    Jun 8, 2007
    Los Angeles
    I found the culprits: leftover plist documents, located in Library/LaunchDaemons.

    Problem solved.
  8. Tex-Twil macrumors 68020


    May 28, 2008
    I dint know much about OSX but when I read "SMS" it made me think about the "Sudden Motion Sensor" present on Apple's notebooks. Isn't this related to it ?

  9. Sorkvild macrumors 6502

    Feb 23, 2007
    It is not. SMS means Short Message Service in this context.
  10. puhsitch macrumors newbie

    Nov 7, 2008

    Just to keep this year-old thread going...

    FYI, Syphone uses a daemon called SMSDaemon. Do you use that to back up text messages from an iPhone? If you prevent the process from ever running, your texts won't automatically get transferred to your Syphone database anymore.
  11. nilk macrumors 6502a

    Oct 18, 2007
    I also was wondering what SMSDaemon was because it was leaving an entry in my console every minute that looked like this:

    SMSDaemon[179] Located known iPhone 'Touch', serial no. 'XXXXXXXXXX'.
    It was indeed related to Syphone which I had tried a while ago, but was no longer using. To remove it I deleted the following plist file and Application Support folder (probably just removing the plist file would have been enough to stop it):

    ~/Library/Application Support/Syphone
  12. efengle macrumors newbie

    Jul 13, 2007
    Deleting an App

    As much as it hurts to say this. OSX is very similar to Windows when deleting software. When you drag to Trash Can, you are not removing everything that was installed initially. Mainly, you are removing the .App folder and all that is contained inside. Most of the time, you are leaving App preferences and daemons in their respective locations. This is similar to Windows in the sense that when you uninstall programs entires are left in the Registry (I hate that word) and also in C:\Program Files, etc

    Might I suggest AppCleaner when removing/uninstalling Apps. It will remove all .plist and daemon files as well. Not to mention a very nice interface.
  13. oceandamion macrumors newbie

    Jan 8, 2009
    Similar problem

    I have had a similar problem. I have tried deleting application support and also launch agents but this does not seem to have helped.

    18/01/09 3:26:15 PM[64] ([3037]) posix_spawn("/Applications/Vodafone Mobile Connect/Vodafone Mobile", ...): No such file or directory
    18/01/09 3:26:15 PM[64] ([3037]) Exited with exit code: 1
    18/01/09 3:26:15 PM[64] ( Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds

    Attached Files:

  14. robfol macrumors newbie

    Sep 14, 2008
    London UK
    SMSDaemon & App Cleaner

    Thanks all for above thread, helped me ID and get rid of this mad daemon.

    Just note that APP CLEANER while very nice, does not remove the Launch Agent as in ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.micromat.SMSDaemon.plist

    Thanks to NILK for pointing out that this has to go to!
  15. dmbream macrumors newbie

    May 2, 2002
    oceandamion: requires a restart after deleting the daemon
  16. wwwluckyro macrumors member

    Sep 25, 2007

    It appears I am in the same situation as oceandamion. I didn't manage to find the file in the LaunchDaemons or Agents (both system and user).

    What I did was to open Terminal and type
    launchctl list | grep [Ss]wapper
    It found
    -	1
    Then I typed
    launchctl remove
    After the error didn't appear in the Console anymore, I thought it was gone. So I restarted and it's back. What should I do to remove this process?

    That error is plain annoying (dam you Vodafone and your crappy app). I don't know much (nothing) about Terminal and what I typed is information I gathered from Google searches.
  17. Tesselator macrumors 601


    Jan 9, 2008
    Well the checkup agent "CheckUpAgent" is part of the CheckUp program.
    It's only there because the USER installed it. :) If you hate it's 10sec. checks
    that max the CPU and flood the logs then just uninstall it. ;)

    I installed it about 4 weeks ago and it's just now beginning to slap me in the
    face with just how daftly it's written. :( If it weren't such an intrusive annoyance
    I wouldn't need to say it quite that way but it is. The Application is pretty
    interesting otherwise however. :p

    PS: Theses guys seem to think you have to go further in order to uninstall it
    but I tested this by running the Uninstaller and I think they're whacky. :)
    It uninstalled and reinstalled just fine for me.
  18. cdiller macrumors newbie

    Apr 24, 2009

    AppZapper seemed to delete the .app folder and all relevant support files. I am no longer getting "SMSDaemon[179] Located known iPhone 'Touch', serial no. 'XXXXXXXXXX'. " in my log...
  19. TuffLuffJimmy macrumors G3


    Apr 6, 2007
    Portland, OR
    I understand that this is a very old thread, but I have a quick question.

    I recently used an app deleting program to get rid of something and it took SMSDaemon with it. Is that a component that comes with OS X? If so I would like to put it back where it came from. What folder does it go in?

    I wish I were running Snow Leopard so I could have the put back command...
  20. sammich macrumors 601


    Sep 26, 2006
    No it doesn't come with OS X. I think it's installed as part of TechTools (the disc that comes with AppleCare). If you look above at someone's logs, the sig of SMSDaemon is com.micromat.SMSDaemon. Micromat make Techtools...well, it's my educated guess anyway.

    You won't miss it.
  21. TuffLuffJimmy macrumors G3


    Apr 6, 2007
    Portland, OR
    Ah Thank you very much. Deleted :)
  22. dmbream macrumors newbie

    May 2, 2002

    It was Syphone.
  23. Awsm macrumors newbie

    Aug 11, 2010

    Hi there,

    just wanted to say thx and to state/confirm that this SMSdaemon thing took half a GB of my RAM!!! :mad:

    And maybe it was the course for several beachball-restarts, but I have to obeserve this first.

  24. The Great Boony macrumors regular

    Nov 23, 2010
    Sorry to dig up this old thread, but I really need help getting rid of this SMSDeamon

    Its taking up 81% of my CPU and 228mb of memory.

    I installed Syphone months ago and can't stop this activity as it just restarts, also can't find 'Syphone' on my machine.

  25. Piercey macrumors newbie

    Feb 1, 2008
    I also need help getting rid of this. I've done everything in the thread and it keeps coming back....

    Help! And thanks in advance!


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