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    Hey, new to here. Wasn't quite sure where to post and didn't find a thread explaining my question.

    I have several clients using the iPhone and me myself. Hate to compare it to the Blackberry but why doesn't the iPhone have its own SMTP?

    We can't setup a client and have him/her use Gmail SMTP. As it sends out as the and not It's rather irritating to dive into 3rd party SMTP servers and be restricted and/or billed.

    Blackberry, setup email, can send from anywhere anytime without needing to be conscious about what smtp server is being used.
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    Sorry, might have not understood the question exactly, but why would you want to use Gmail credentials and SMTP server for a specific account.

    Just set up the account on your iPhone by going to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Other > Add Mail Account, where you will be able to set up the exact credentials for your work account.
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    That's just the way mail works. If you were using Blackberry before in an enterprise deployment, there was a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes between RIM and your company just to make things work.

    The address rewriting you're seeing is Google's, not Apple's doing and can not be disabled. Google's SMTP servers automatically rewrite the 'From' and 'Reply-To' headers to the authenticated address before relaying any mail (the reply to can be changed in your google account settings). Accepting and forwarding mail with a unknown 'From' address is a serious security risk and, frankly, only a bonehead would have their servers configured that way; you will find that no one allows this anymore.

    If this is not your domain, talk to your SysAdmin and get the proper SMTP credentials/server name for your domain. If this is your domain and you currently do not have an SMTP server for your domain, you have several options:
    • Host one yourself. This is the most customizable (and controllable) option but if you do not have any experience there is more than enough rope to hang yourself with. I use this option but it is not for everyone, especially for a commercial domain where uptime is key.
    • Sign up with a third party host such as BlueHost, Rackspace, etc. These require a bit of configuration but you'll generally be up and running pretty quickly.
    • Use Google's Apps for Business or Microsoft's Office 365 hosting service. These a pretty much fire-and-forget once you configure your DNS

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