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Original poster
Mar 29, 2015
Lehigh valley PA
when my phone is in mute and someone sends me a snap video it’s doesnt plays sound.

When it’s not on mute it works is this normal ?


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Oct 27, 2013
Your phone is on mute, so your audio is muted.
If you hit one of the volume buttons it’ll start playing sound.


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Oct 17, 2011
Got it work on snap

But on Facebook messenger when I go live when phone in mute no sound will I have un mute my phone
If device is muted then isn't the expectation that there wouldn't be any sound? Isn't that the point of mute?


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Jul 7, 2010
Bay Area
If device is muted then isn't the expectation that there wouldn't be any sound? Isn't that the point of mute?

Op doesn’t understand that. Weird that mute switch is used to mute any sound coming from the phone but OP still wants sound to come from the phone smh.

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May 26, 2016
Snap chat is working fine. Messenger has a bug if it’s playing sound when muted.

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May 26, 2016
Having read OP’s messages again I’m actually confused now. Why’s he confused if both snap chat and messenger apps don’t play sound?!

Initially I thought one plays but the other doesn’t.


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Jul 12, 2010
Mute switch prevents sound, who knew.

I’ve experienced it originally where the mute switched wasn’t configured as an option for apps to use it to determine sound output. I understand this is a “feature” and I’ll admit I don’t mind it since I have yet to unmute my iPhone’s in the last couple years but I can understand the confusion. The mute switch enabled doesn’t stop music, YouTube or other media from playing sound. Instagram doesn’t cut off sound because of the mute switch being on either, granted they have the option to not play sound until you tap but even with that off the mute switch doesn’t affect this. I think there should be a setting for this somewhere so the end user has control and not hidden to just the app developers. Snapchat is generally an intended use so it would be nice to have a defaulted choice to not have to fumble around trying to get sound back on. I’m aware just flipping the switch before playing a Snapchat is a simple fix but it’s not a true solution to this “feature”. Some apps don’t abide by this even though this whole thing was introduced to bring down disturbances in environments where surprise sounds could disrupt the user or others. There is no give on either end of this dilemma and still the only temporary fix is to make sure the volume is set to off through the control center, I’m hopeful for a default choice for this one day. If I missed it though please let me know it would be very useful.
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