Snore Sleep Inspector 1.3 now available at app store!!!

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    Oct 31, 2010
    Snore Sleep inspector tells you everything there is to know about your sleep.
    Do you know if you snore when you sleep?
    Do you know if you talk in your sleep?
    And what other strange voice did you do while sleeping?

    One of the best Sleep, Snore and voice recorder utility app on AppStore.
    App of the Day in – 23 oct 2010 and 28 oct 2010.

    Snore Sleep Inspector remains always alert while you are sleeping, and when the device goes into sleep mode, it continues to record. How the Snore Sleep Inspector works is, based on the preferences you have selected before going to bed, it records your snores and .

    Main Features

    - Enhanced graph view
    - Graph showing time and dB (decibel)
    - Snore audio Sharing on Facebook
    - Email sharing graph and audio clip
    - Disk Limit Check
    - Schedule recordings
    - Wake up Alarm

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    Nov 19, 2010
    Snore audio Sharing on Facebook - looks like fun!

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