Snow Leopard Hangs on Boot at Apple Logo- White MacBook

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by tsice19, Oct 11, 2009.

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    Feb 16, 2008
    Please Help!

    After recently doing a fresh install of Snow Leopard, it was working great for about a week, and now it hangs at boot and flashes the Apple Logo, a NO sign, and a folder sign. I booted in verboose mode and it say that it could not load drivers.

    I had this problem before and I used Leopard's (10.5) Archive and Install feature to fix it.

    Where is this located on SL (10.6) ? I DO NOT want to loose my data :(

    Thanks all for your help!
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    1. Booting in Safe Mode and do a Repair Permissions with Disc Utility.

    2. Booting from your Installer DVD to see if you can recover the files.

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