Snow Leopard Install - Broken Mac?


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May 19, 2013
Hi Guys,

So my GF unfortunately knocked my Imac off the desk. At first it didnt seem like anything was wrong with it so I picked it up and put it back on the table. It then shut itself down and upon restarting i was presented with a grey screen and a flashing question mark inside a folder. I tried all the suggestions on the forums to get it to select its start up disk but nothing worked. I then thought (because my original install disk was no longer with me) that I would buy Snow Leopard disk (I had never bothered to upgrade before) and reinstall the operating system from boot up as per suggestions from the Apple support site.

I can select the install disk and walk through the stages but everything takes 100x longer than it should. For example even clicking and selecting the disk takes 5 mins, finding drives for install takes 2 hours and the install section states it will take 31mins but actually takes 27 hours (actually 27 hours) and then presents me with a message that the install didnt work and to reinstall. I have done this twice.

My question is does anyone know what could be making the mac so slow and impossible to install Snow Leopard on that was caused by the fall? And if so any suggestions to fix it. Additionally if you clever guys know how to fix it is it worth the cost?

The mac is a 2008 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.

Please help and thanks in advance!


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Jul 29, 2011
Somewhere Back In The Long Ago
Thanks, unfortunately I cant access the AHT (doesnt seem to work from startup). I can get into the SL OS install screen, is there a way to find out from there if the HDD is shot?
Can you access Disk Utilities by holding down OPTION at boot up? If so, you can try running a Disk Verification, Permissions Check and attempt a repair. If that fails, it's odds on that the drive is shot.