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Discussion in 'macOS' started by somebody else, Aug 6, 2011.

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    Feb 1, 2011
    So I have a few machines I need to update to Snow Leopard, some of which will go on to Lion. I bought the Snow Leopard family pack, but after opening it there is basically just the disk with a small pamphlet and apple stickers. How will it know whether the machines I'm installing it on are all in the same household? I have three machines in one household and one in a different one, should I do the ones that are all in the same house first and then try and do the separate one or will it not matter?

    I just don't want to install it on the computer that isn't in the house with the others only to find it won't let me install the OS onto anything not in that first machines house. There don't appear to be any product keys/codes so how does this work?

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    It will be fine, you can install them all the same way.
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    You'll have to soon shake off your Microsoft indoctrination.

    Apple focusses on making money from the hardware rather than operating systems.

    You are being honest by getting the family pack - some with less scruples would have done the same thing with the $25 SL DVD.

    Hope all the upgrades go smoothly.
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    Snow Leopard install

    First of all make Sure your purchase it from Right Store, with Serial keys Attached in the kit, also If you need any Assistance regarding Installation there are many Tutorial which will help you in Installing the Snow Leopard on your PC.
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    There are no serial keys for any version of OSx. You are thinking of Windows.

    It is not simple to install Snow Leopard on a "PC" unless it is an Apple Mac PC.

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