Snow Leopard on 1st Gen!

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    Hey everyone,
    I followed a guide posted by hackerwayne:

    and managed to get it to work. His instructions weren't very clear so I wanted to post the way to do it.
    1. Install 10.6.3 on the apple tv compatible hdd (use a usb dock) from a mac or anything that can run the install.
    2. Copy attacked 32-bit FakeSMC to S/L/E (if you want to look for a different version, make sure it is 32-bit)
    3. Copy nawcom's legacy kernel/any that has an sse3 emulator to the root of hdd (replacing original)

    4. Go to System/Library/Caches/ and delete extensions.mkext (if present) and the kernel cache that has an i386 in its name (if present) This will force Mac OS X to load FakeSMC because if its not present, it will get stuck at white screen with mouse cursor (symptoms of hackintosh missing FakeSMC)
    5. Plug USB mouse/keyboard (use a hub if necessary) to the Apple TV's sole usb port.
    6. Plug the HDD back in to Apple TV.
    7. Make sure you DID NOT replace boot.efi with the original, for some reason this makes the boot process stop for no reason, if you did, then it will flash a Apple logo, a no smoking sign without the cigarette, and the apple tv ? mark.
    8. Plug the Apple tv in and if you did everything right, it should boot straight up and play that intro video with all the languages.

    The colors will (might?) be glitched at first, if that happens, go to Sys preferences and display, click color and select sRGB. It will fix the color but the menu bar will be somewhat TOO translucent, and the dock will look messed up. Yes, it has QE/CI. Thank the Mac pro w/ 7300GT for that. Apple TV uses 7300 Go.

    Sound will NOT work, I tried replacing it with 10.5.5's AppleHDA and use the ALC885 injector, and use the original OS's AppleHDA, original OS's won't load (dependency problem) the others will load but have no effect. However everything else does. Make sure to delete and extensions.mkext before reboot, or it will not load fakesmc and get stuck at the white screen. I have found no fix for this yet. Also if you take out the wifi card and use the mini PCIE to full size pcie, if it has a usb port, it will not work (the slot does not provide a usb bus) theres a spare 4 pin connector near the IR port connector that might be a usb bus, I checked in system profiler and there is indeed a spare bus.

    I have no pics because I stripped the SnowLeo in exchange for trying Lion DP1, it still has 32 bit user land support and will keep trying.

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    Thanks for the info, I have run Leopard but not Snow Leopard on the ATV. How was the performance? Did you have any luck with Lion?

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