Snow Leopard screen saver issue -- sporadic but severe

Discussion in 'macOS' started by ata, Aug 27, 2009.

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    I'm wondering if anyone else on Snow Leopard is experiencing the same bug I am. I have my computer set to require a password to wake up or exit the screen saver; once in a while, the password window will not let me type in the text fields. The buttons will respond to clicks, and even the text fields will show the focus ring when I click on one of them, but I'm not able to enter anything. I can click Switch User, but then I have the same problem with the login window.

    I did find a strange workaround -- if you can SSH into the machine (i.e. if you've enabled Remote Login in Sharing Preferences), run something like "nc -l -p 1234", and the computer should bring up the firewall dialog that asks you if you want to allow it to accept connections. After dismissing it (it doesn't matter whether you click Accept or Deny, because the only point is to do something that brings up a dialog), I'm able to type in the login window and get back into the computer.

    Still, it doesn't work perfectly -- I can no longer switch applications by command-tab or by clicking the icons in the Dock, which can no longer launch new applications either. Usually Exposé is the only way I can switch between programs, and even then, there are some convoluted steps I have to follow to get another window to accept typing. But it's usually enough to let me save my work and restart the computer, at least.

    Has anyone else had this problem, and perhaps discovered any better workarounds/solutions?
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