Snow Leopard Server and Windows XP SP3 file sharing

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    I have a Mac Mini running Snow Leopard Server, and a laptop running Windows XP SP3. My problem is that, I can't access my files in my Mac Mini (Movies, MP3's, Pictures, etc.) using my laptop. They are both under the same workgroup already, and yes, they can ping each other :) There's no problem when my Mac Mini connects to my laptop using smb (cmd+k).
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    Feb 14, 2011
    hey there,

    You can either use a public folder (which may result in files being written back to the folder but then getting assigned a "read only" permission) or you can set it up like this:

    Here is the solution:

    1. in Server Admin >> SMB >> Settings >> Access >> Check "Allow Guest Access"
    2. Save, Stop SMB, Start SMB
    3. in Server Admin >> AFP >> Settings >> Access >> Check "Enable Guest Access"
    4. Save, Stop AFP, Start AFP
    5. Choose your server.local (at the top of services) >> File Sharing >> Share Points & Browse >> Create a New Folder (i.e., HD/data) and Share.
    6. Select your new folder (data) and down at the bottom of the screen choose Share Point >> Protocol Options... >>> Check "Share this item using AFP" and Check "Allow AFP guest access". On the SMB tab Check "Share this item using SMB", Check "Allow SMB guest access", and ensure "Inherit permissions from parent" is Checked. OK.
    7. With your new folder selected (data) click on Permissions and add (+ sign) the Group "Everyone" to the ACL. Make sure their permissions are set to Full Control.
    8. Save.

    This provides the greatest file sharing access for ALL users who can connect to your network. Of course, this implies a certain security risk, but for those that just need a massive, easy to access DataStore, this will work.

    All the best!


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