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Nov 2, 2018
Hi guys,

Would Snow Leopard Server be still a safe option today? (i have a Mac Pro 1,1 that I am thinking of installing it on)... Is there anything I should be worried about having it connected? I would be connecting from remote locations with it.

Appreciate the help.

Mikael H

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Sep 3, 2014
Software that no longer receives updates is never a safe option on a server presented to the Internet. You may be able to get Homebrew running (as per, to install third-party ports of the necessary tools on your machine.

I guess your best option if you really want to use that specific machine as a server would be to install a modern Linux distribution on it - or in a virtual machine running on it - to present your required services.


Apr 19, 2014
Connecting that thing to the open internet is a really bad idea. It hasn't received security updates in ages, nor has any of the software on it. Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc are all going to be chock full of unpatched vulnerabilities. You can peruse and to see how bad this would be.

Linux or one of the BSDs would run great on your Mac Pro and would be much safer.


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Jul 16, 2002
I've been running a SL server for years. Still do. I've updated certain parts of Apple's install but the machine site behind a fairly strong firewall array. It acts as a mail, web, ical, PHP forum and has been rock solid running 24/7 for over 13 years (*Mac Pro 1,1) - it can be done but smartly and carefully.
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