Snow leopard upgrade has left Mail search SLLLLOW!

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by DisplacedMic, Mar 9, 2011.

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    Hello all,
    I recently (finally) upgraded to 10.6.6 on my 2.4 ghz macbook (4 gig RAM).
    I did NOT do a clean install (eg wipe and start fresh) and instead elected to just install Snow Leopard on top of the old OS. Prior to the upgrade I had noticed some considerable slow-down with my machine but i had assumed that was due to low hard disk space.

    Most of those issues have resolved since the upgrade and everything is working fine. However the search box in my Mail program is unbearably slow which was never a problem before.

    The second i start to type something in there the program hangs and it takes upwards of a minute or more to get any sort of string typed. Sometimes i get the thinking circle, sometimes it just hangs.

    I did some googling and I found that perhaps smart mailboxes are the culprit. So i deleted all of them and while it did improve this a bit I am still having the same problem.

    Any ideas? I use Mail to manage my gmail and work email accounts.


    ***EDIT*** I have just discovered that deleting smart mailboxes fixes this problem completely. Is there a work around? I had thought that deleting them and then making them fresh would fix it but nope
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    wolould this question be better suited to the Snow Leopard forum?

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