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    Apr 3, 2013
    Hi. I was hoping someone can assist with an issue I am incurring with getting a web service configured / running on mac os x server (snow leopard). Most of our web sites (applications) are running via the web server utility. However, we recently had a application created by an external vendor in which they implemented the use of MVC style routing instead of default pages like in a standard web server. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how the use of MVC style routing would need to be setup to work within the web server. The application was setup to work on Port 8000 but I was able to get the vendor to change the settings.js file to make it work on Port 80. However, I am still getting nowhere in terms of getting the website to run. The website is definitely reading the folder but unable to really run from it. Also this particular web application doesn't really have a front facing file such as index.html or default.html; rather they run on .js files which unfortunately, I have not dealt with. Sadly, I'm not very familiar with how that will work on the mac server. I was hoping someone could assist with what I would need to do to get this issue possibly resolved.

    Apologies, if what I said did not make much sense. Please let me know if you would like me to clarify anything.

    Thank you,

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