So, did anyone else notice?


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Jan 29, 2008
Glasgow, UK
Yes, totally pointless but I notice these kind of things.

Has anyone else noticed that the stock iOS 6 wallpaper is slightly different to the one which Apple shows on it's own website, and from which was released in the betas? While on the Apple website last night I noticed that the "ripples" are more angled upward from left to right in the demo shots than on my actual 4S.

Promo shot close up (this shows the 5 screen, but 4S one is the same on

Stock iOS 6 wallpaper (fresh install):

iOS 6 developer stock wallpaper:

For those with a 4S who actually want the "real" one, here it is:



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Oct 28, 2007
Apple has a history of doctoring their screen shots for promotional purposes. Remember the original screen shots of FaceTime? But in this case, I have no idea why they're different.
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