So does anyone have an iPad + MBP?


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Apr 27, 2010
Just a curious question. Going to be graduating next month and I'm going to be getting the 2012 MBP as well as an iPad.

Was wondering if anyone else has this set up and what you use each device for? :p


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Oct 9, 2007
I have a MacBook Air and iPad, will be a pro as soon as the new models come out.

At home the iPad functions 90% as a portable media player (as well as for streaming to Apple TV) and ebook reader.

The iPad travels with me on social outings, while the MB goes to work with me. When I'm travelling out of town, both come along. If I'm on a plane or train, the video goes on the MB while the iPad is used for reading (as well as web access when available)

Except at work, I always have one screen for video entertainment and the other for reading/working/interactive stuff. At home it's two monitors, on the road it's the Air and the iPad.


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Oct 3, 2010
North of England
I do!

I bought my MacBook Pro with money from my part time job in 2009 (I was 16 at the time, just starting sixth form), and I got my iPad for my 18th birthday (I since sold it and used the money to buy the "new iPad")

I'm now in my first year of university.

I use my MacBook like crazy in my flat (dorm) for essays, presentations, photo editing/organising, listening to music, and organising all my files. I don't use iCloud at all for documents. I have DropBox installed, and my "university" folder is in my DropBox, so I can access all my files from anywhere on campus with my iPad (there's wifi everywhere on campus).

I take my iPad with my every day to campus, because it's great to have lectures notes or the lecture presentation up while the lecture is been given. I can also read notices on my course page, read PDFs the lecturers distribute, emails, etc in-between lectures. It weighs pretty much nothing and takes up hardly any room in my bag so it's not a burden carrying it round (like it would be to carry round my MacBook all day, heavy thing...).

I think they're a pretty good combo :) the iPad is also the best way (in my opinion) to look at photographs and show them to other people. The display is just so crisp and bright!


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Dec 10, 2008
Chicago, IL
MBP for almost everything, iPad in class for notes or when it's easier than getting out the MBP (ie away from my desk and need to check something).


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Jun 7, 2008
Hmm well I use my Macbook Pro for actual computing tasks about the house (i.e. for work, download multitask), and my iPad is purely to browse, watch Netflix/SkyGo and read the FT or ebooks when I want to lounge about.

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