so..does this mean that the new rmbp 15 will have Iris graphics?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Freyqq, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Freyqq macrumors 601

    Dec 13, 2004
    Seems like a logical conclusion. The processors with HD 4600 graphics were available today, but the processors with Iris Pro are not available until Q3 2013.

    Rather unfortunate, in my opinion. It's a slower solution all around (CPU and GPU speeds) compared to the current chips in the rmbp 15.
  2. gamerish macrumors regular

    Jun 20, 2012
  3. B... macrumors 68000


    Mar 7, 2013
    I hope for Iris or Iris Pro in the 13". I don't care about the 15" because it should have a 750/60M.
  4. jafingi macrumors 65816


    Apr 3, 2009
    I think the 13" will get it. But the 15" should get an Nvidia GPU.

    The current overclocked 650M in the rMBP is already more powerful than the Iris graphics. So removing the discreet GPU in favor of Iris in the 15" would be a step down in regards of graphics performance.

    I REALLY REALLY hope we'll se a Haswell update in July or August.
  5. mac.ross macrumors member

    Oct 27, 2012
    Pretty much my sentiments too.

    I'm moving from the UK to France for a year and would really hope for 15" rMBP before I leave on Sept 7th.

    So much more expensive from the French store and I will miss my 15% UK student discount too!
  6. Freyqq thread starter macrumors 601

    Dec 13, 2004

    The new airs have a 2x PCIe SSD. This is really cool, and it is a safe assumption that this tech will be in the new rmbp 15.

    HOWEVER, at least with ivy bridge, each motherboard had 16x of PCI-e to play with. So, in the current revision, 8x goes to the video card and 4x goes to each thunderbolt port. I assume this limitation exists in haswell, but correct me if I'm wrong. IF SO, there is no way to fit this in without going to Iris Pro graphics. I find it unlikely that they would do this in airs, but not the pros. Therefore, this is further evidence of a rmbp 15 with Iris Pro. =\
  7. Blue Sun macrumors 6502a

    Feb 11, 2009
    Yep, Iris Pro graphics are likely. I hope its not too much of a donwngrade from whats currently available in the 15" rMBP.
  8. Freyqq thread starter macrumors 601

    Dec 13, 2004
  9. Blue Sun macrumors 6502a

    Feb 11, 2009
  10. GlynG macrumors newbie

    Jun 11, 2013
    Should be good for those non-gamers using Windows though?

    I gather this doesn't currently support switching the dgpu off, reducing battery life, get rid of the dgpu and the problem dissapears.
  11. zedsdead macrumors 68040

    Jun 20, 2007
    rMBP 13: iris 5100, dual core

    rMBP 15, low end, Iris Pro 5200, lower clocked quad core, price drop

    rMBP 15, high end, HD 4600 or 5000, NVIDIA 750m, + higher clocked quad core
  12. Zauberer macrumors regular

    Oct 7, 2010
    Someone who knows engineering can correct me if I'm wrong, but I would guess the new rMBP can expect a relative increase in the discrete GPU chip. Given Haswell has lower power consumption, Apple can put in a relatively more powerful GPU. So instead of using whatever would be the current equivalent of the 650m, they can do the next step or two higher in the rMBP. Battery life should still be improved overall because of 1) Haswell and 2) Supposed gains through OS X Mavericks and 3) Graphics switching.
  13. Stetrain macrumors 68040

    Feb 6, 2009
    Except that Iris Pro costs basically the same as adding a 750M according to Anandtech.

    The main reasons to go with Iris Pro on the 15" would be:

    1) More consistent battery life. Right now the stated battery life is based on integrated GPU use only. Going with Iris Pro would get rid of the uncertainty of when the dGPU kicks in and causes battery life decreases.

    2) Less heat

    Those would come at a bit of a sacrifice in terms of gaming power, but no real reduction in parts cost. It would probably be a better experience for the majority of users because their battery life would no longer randomly drop because they didn't realize the app they were using triggered the dGPU.
  14. ZestyOne macrumors member


    Oct 18, 2009
    wait so are you guys saying the upcoming refreshed high-end 15" rMBP is going to have a gfx reduction??
  15. Stetrain macrumors 68040

    Feb 6, 2009
    We don't know yet but it's possible.

    There are tradeoffs each way. Going with Iris Pro instead of something like a 750M would provide mostly break-even performance compared to the current gen (faster in some benchmarks, slower in others) but with more consistent battery life and less heat.

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