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How would you upgrade to a 6S

  • Stay with the standard iPhone 6 size

    Votes: 26 52.0%
  • Go even bigger and get the iPhone 6 Plus

    Votes: 19 38.0%
  • Go for the smaller 4" mini

    Votes: 5 10.0%

  • Total voters


macrumors 6502
Original poster
Mar 13, 2014
If on the next cycle, i.e. the iPhone 6S Apple change the line up so you have 3 sizes

iPhone 6S as the normal (6 replacement)
iPhone 6S Plus (6 Plus replacement)
iPhone 6S Mini (a 4" iPhone, but with the same spec as the 6S)

If you were going to upgrade what would you do? Have you got use to the size of the 6 or do you think its just a little to big and miss the 4" size? I personally would go for a mini as i want a 4" phone again the 6 is just to big for me, but i don't want last years spec inside.

Newtons Apple

Mar 12, 2014
Jacksonville, Florida
I do not think we will be seeing a 4" phone but everyone is excited so I hope it happens for you. To me my 6 is what the 5 should have been. I pick up my 4S and . . . . . well there is no way I would go back to that!


macrumors 603
Jul 8, 2011
Can not see Apple doing a three size phone lineup. They have been having a hard enough time keeping up with the demand of just a two size lineup. The 5/5s was perfect for me one handed, but I have become use to the 6 and enjoy the extra screen size even though I now have to use it two handed.

Just would not make sense for Apple to add the additional cost of a third size into manufacturing. Let alone what would have to be sacrificed in the smaller phone to make it work.


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Original poster
Mar 13, 2014
I think they will drop the 5S and 5C and introduce the iPhone mini as the lower cost option.


macrumors G5
Oct 20, 2011
Austin, TX
I'm on the fence between the same and bigger. I wouldn't buy the 6S because it's likely to be the same as the 6. The 6S Plus maybe....


macrumors 603
May 6, 2008
While I have gotten used to the form factor of the 6, I would be very tempted to go with a 6s Mini if Apple introduced one. I still swap my SIM card between my 6 and 5s since I still find the form factor of my 5s more.

It would be a tough decision though especially since I'm getting more and more used to the 4.7" screen.


macrumors 68030
Jun 20, 2010
I guess I'm fortunate in a way that I still have my 5, so I can compare the difference pretty regularly. And the longer I have a 6, the smaller the 5 feels each time I pick it up. I'm coming up to the point where I don't think I'd seriously consider going back down in size. The 5 is a beautiful phone--better looking than the 6/6+ in my eyes--but the larger screen of the 6 does make up for the tradeoffs in dealing with the larger overall size of the phone. A smaller version of the 6 wouldn't do it for me.

The 6+ is an odd beast; a bit too big to be a comfortable phone, and WAY too small to replace the iPad Mini that I use for writing. Those who only use tablets for media consumption may find it an adequate replacement. To me, it's just not a useful size. So I can't see picking one up in the next few years unless that's the only size available.


macrumors 65816
Aug 2, 2008
Southern California

I selected upgrading to the iPhone 6S Plus but really want 2 GBs. Not saying Apple can't come up with something else killer that makes me upgrade, but without anything else revolutionary, the evolutionary increase in RAM is what I need.


macrumors 68000
Jan 12, 2014
Monroe, Louisiana
I see my iPhone as a hybrid phone/mp3 player so I'd definitely go with a 4" iphone 6 mini. The lighter the better and the smaller size fits into many more pockets. I liked how the my iPhone 5 would fit into those odd pockets of painter pants.
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