So Google just sent me $100.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by cjmabry, May 7, 2010.

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    Answered my own question, lock or delete this thread por favor :p. Thanks everybody for the replies.


    Anyways, about a year ago, I created a little website offering tips and guides for Madden (an American football game for anyone who doesn't know) because I was starting to start playing in online tournaments for money and such and the serious Madden scene was growing and growing. I set it up with Google AdSense, created a couple of short guides and tutorials, and then sort of stopped and just left it there. I started it in August 2009, and pretty much stopped in September, and since then many things about the site have become broken and bugged because I pretty much just left it there. However, with just a couple of articles published, I really didn't do anything, but more viewers kept coming in. I was getting around 2000 viewers a month, which i think is ok considering I didn't update it and barely even developed anything. Here's a screenshot from


    The site is (not really), and as you can tell, I started getting some page loads in September, but as time went on and (1) Madden 10 was dieing down and (2) I never updated it, visitors dwindled to what is now.

    So today I check the mail and I get a letter from Google. I'm like "Cool, this should be interesting." I open it up and there's a letter thanking me for being a loyal AdSense publisher, and enclosed is a $100 Google AdWords gift card to help promote my site. Needless to say I was very happy.

    Since I can't just let it go to waste, I am in a dilemma. I don't know if I should start up the Madden site again, or if I should use the money to go towards a new website. I recently started Repairing and Reselling iPod Touches, and it looks as if everything will work out there, so I was thinking if I should start a web store selling iPod Touches and anything else I repair. Doing it this way would eliminate eBay costs, so I could sell them a lot cheaper than what I do now and still make a pretty good profit. I could also sell some wholesale repair parts that would be an easy profit, make some repair guides and have them for free or for sale, and offer repair services in the future for people who just want their stuff fixed. However, I'm not sure if making one site that sells refurbished iPods AND guides on how to fix them and repair parts would work.

    So, I'm pretty much just searching for a new website idea as I don't think the Madden website would really make that much money for the amount of work put in, and if I'm already fixing iPods I figured why not.

    Any insight on what to use this 100$ on?
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    Ah, was posting this thread to get more hits necessary?.....just to ask what to spend a hundred on?
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    Odd, my site was getting thousands of visitors a day (not bots or daft things like that), gigabytes of downloads a day. My adsense brought in a pittance! Wasn't even a full pittance, more like a quarter pittance. Such a pittance (sorry I love that word) that I gave up on Adsense 2 years after setting it up and removed it from my site.
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    More hits on what? The site? I'll take the link down if that's what people think this is for lol.
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    Nothing special... Adwords users get tons of these things. Everyone adwords publisher got $100 on Valentines day too. I get at least 1 per year, sometimes more.

    I use to sell them for like $20, but not they're barely worth $5.

    Um, the only thing you can use it for... adwords. If you want to know which site, check which has better keywords / lower cost per click.
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    Ya, that's what I've heard a lot with AdSense, so I figured using AdWords to just advertise the site and then sell a product would be better than just relying on AdSense.

    Ah so it's not anything special? That's what I figured haha. But I'd still like to use it if it would draw more viewers to my ipod business once it gets off the ground.

    I guess i answered my own question then. This thread can be locked.
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    May 10, 2009
    the company my domain name is registered to and place I rent server space from has one of those types of offers through Google as well it's called an affiliate program. That 100 bucks credit is only good with google I prefer setting up affiliate accounts through Linkshare and Comission Junction for any advertising space I reserve on my website rather than google that way I can choose who I want to advertise for from reputable lists.

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