So how Applecare+ works ?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mjoshi123, Oct 11, 2011.

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    I pre-ordered my phone thru Bestbuy on Sprint. There was no option for Applecare+ at that time.
    My question is how applecare+ works with recent news item on blog

    Does this mean that if you've applecare and your phone is damaged(cannot be repaired) you've to pay $199 + $49 deductible to get new phone ? If that is case what is point in getting Applecare+ ?
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    If you get Applecare+, you can get the phone replaced for $49, even if the damage is your fault.
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    Thanks guys but it looks like that just $49 contradicts with what was written on macrumors link.
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    Here's the source document

    The Accidental Damage policy is spelled out on the first page. You simply pay a $49 fee per claim.
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    Your confusing the 2. There is AppleCare and there is AppleCare+

    AppleCare is the old program for the iPhone where you paid $69 for it and if you accidentally damaged your phone you could get it replaced for $199.

    Under AppleCare+ it is $99 and if you damage you phone it is $49 to replace.

    The article talks about if you did not have the opportunity to but AppleCare+ at the time of purchase you can buy it if you have accidental damage for the original AppleCare replacement cost of $199 +$49 for a $50 discount on AppleCare+ so that would be $249.

    So if you bought AppleCare+ you only pay $49 for up to 2 incidents

    If you did not buy AppleCare+ then you pay $199 and you have the opportunity to get AppleCare+ for $49 more.

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