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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by jc0481, Nov 29, 2009.

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    Any words of advice? I don't want to become a investor just a real estate agent. In the future with more money that could change.

    One of my good friends that I have known since I was fourteen. Used to be a real estate agent. He doesn't do that anymore not sure why though. I have been meaning to ask him. About three years ago had dinner with his family and asked him later on that night I may be interested in becoming a real estate agent. He kinda knocked down becoming a real estate agent. He kept saying to me "it's hard, it's a lot of hard work".

    But after that he told me you would need a nicer car to take clients to the property and a bunch of nice suits. Which makes sense.

    I looked into real estate school last week. The school provides either a online course or a physical campus. I would prefer a online course better fits my schedule.

    The school is $400 a small price to pay for the things you will get out of it. Also going to real estate school will be a good knowledge to have when I need to shop for my own house in the future.

    I am twenty years old by the way. So a bit nervous knowing that there is so many real estate agents out there, no good solid history with me since I have never done this before and I have feeling I have to be like a car salesman when it comes to selling property. I am not going to do independent. I would stick with a large company. Either Coldwell Banker, Remax etc.

    Also I heard real estate agent are happier in their field. I read this from a survey few weeks ago.

    Any words of advice? I would appreciate it.
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    Do you live in a wealthy area? Now is not the time to be getting into real estate.
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    Not a good time.

    Getting people to fix a home, stage it (also called packing the crap off to storage), and keep it clean are tough if they are struggling.

    People don't want to know the reality of what they can sell their house for today, want discount services, and unless you limit your listings or act solely as a buyer's agent ... it'll be tough and a constant fight with the sellers.
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    Your friend likely got out if it because he was struggling and probably needed to eat.

    If you do this then know you're likely not to get rich or even be comfortable right now but you'll probably be able to learn now and if the market turns then you'll be ready. People are buying houses today, that is a fact, but newer agents have found themselves taking other jobs to pay the bills. I say do t. Get your license but don't quit your day job just yet.
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    Real estate agent is on the list of the "Most stressful jobs". I don't know why thought. I'm guessing long hours, working nights and weekends. No sale = no income. Picky clients.

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    Find out where the nearest real estate licensing course is being offered.

    Take the course.

    Pass the test.

    You're licensed.

    You are now an independent contractor affiliated with a real estate office.

    You will have a contract with your Broker stating your commission percentages.

    The Broker should have in-house training.

    You'll join the MLS organization.

    You will have assigned 'floor time'

    The calls and leads that come in are yours to work with.

    You list properties for sale,

    You set up showings and take buyers to see properties.

    Qualify buyers for the highest mortgage amount affordable.

    Write up purchase agreements and addendum's,

    Present offers to owners of your listed properties.

    Be present for building inspections, water tests, termite insp.,

    Attend the closing.

    Receive your commission check
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    Woah old thread... is the OP still around. Are you an agent yet?

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