So I bought a Fitbit surge

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by dev.gandhi, Jul 21, 2015.

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    After 2 months of indecisiveness on whether to buy apple watch or not, i decided to get myself into the smart watch era buy spending a bit on a fitbit surge. Did a little reaseach, and this one came out top of the pile (excluding apple watch that is). Couldn't get myself to spend £599 on a watch. 3 days into wearing it, I am a very disappointed and now cursing myself why didn't I just buy an apple watch. After all I would have bought it eventually.

    My concerns regarding the watch is nothing to do with appearance. I like its look. Neither is its software, because I know as apple watch will progress, so it will is OS. a bit like iPhone OS 1 and now iOS 8/9.

    My concern however is the upgrade cycle. I cannot find any info regarding this. How often does Apple intend to release a new watch? Will we see a apple watch 2 next April/May? Should I wait now or just go for it? I am almost certain that we will see a better hardwared apple watch in the future, just not sure when.
    I am intent on returning the shitbit surge and buying apple watch this weekend. Just need some clarification regarding the above. If anyone could shed some light, it would be highly appreciated.

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    The surge and the apple watch are meant for different purposes. One is a fitness tracker with a 7 day battery, the other is a iPhone extension with a one day battery.

    My surge is on my wrist 24x7 unless showering or charging and the Fitbit app is very good.

    The apple watch was my birthday present but ultimately I cancelled the order as I like the surge.

    If you want the apple watch go for it, you won't be disappointed.
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    May 3, 2009
    I too have a Fitbit surge, and I agree with i7guy, its a fitness tracker more then a smart watch. Its sole purpose is fitness. It has some smart watch features like notifying you of incoming calls.

    My battery does not last a full 7 days but then I run nearly every day and I use the GPS which can suck the battery dry in no time.
  4. VFC macrumors 6502a

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    I have had a FitBit Surge since January. I love it as a fitness tracker. The things I like most are the sleep tracking and 7x24 HR monitoring. I am a fitness nut and also have a heart condition; so tracking my workouts and HR (especially my resting and sleeping HR) are very important to me. First thing I do each morning is to look at (and record on an Excel spreadsheet) my sleep pattern and HR through the night.

    I also have a Moto 360 that I wear at work (I keep my Surge in my pocket to get credit for steps and stairs climbed). I use that mainly as a stylish watch, and secondarily, take advantage of a few of the smart watch functions like OK Google searches, weather, calendar notifications, and phone message notifications. It also satisfies my tech itch with all the thousands of watch faces that are available. I have at least 50 on my watch at any given time. Seems like there is no end to the different ways to display time and various complications (as Apple calls them).

    I had high hopes for the AW to replace both; but the AW is a fail for sleep tracking and continuous HR monitoring.

    I am so looking forward to the new smart watches coming out in the fall. Maybe the Surge II, Moto 2, or some other Android Wear / LG Wearable / Tizen platform will effectively marry the fitness tracker with a stylish smart watch.
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    As others have said, the 2 devices are truly for different purposes. The surge's main purpose is fitness. That is why I got it. Being honest, you can order it at one of the television shopping networks and only pay $40+ a month to get it and it arrives in a few days. Its a great deal.

    My wife, daughter, sister and niece all use FB and swear by it, so that pushed me in

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