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Sep 2, 2015
After alot of threads about the slow pixel response time. I understand why its happening and notice that on light weight apps like web browsing its happening. But on Apps like CAnatomy that push the tablet to 60fps the trailing or blur is gone.

Its just such a use full device. But thats not why I kept it 2 reasons.

#1. The slow pixel response issue can and might be addressed but some Apps like VainGlory or CAnatomy drive the tablet at 60fps so it can be eliminated.

#2. Verizon has the 9.7 iPad Pro on 2 year contract for $479.99 I have Sprint and they matched it. Crazy

Thats $479.99/24 months is $19.99 but in top of that I had $9.00 off monthly from when I originally ordered my 9.7 Pro with Sprint at $729 (thats the 32GB LTE model price) they adjusted it to $529.99 by adding a $9.00 re-occuring monthly credit.

So its now $19.99 a month minus $9.00 thats $10.99 for 24 months. They adjusted the Price to $479.99 but kept the $9.00 re-occuring credit.
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Apr 7, 2012
So I guess those posts describing why you returned it were false. Seems like a great deal though.
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