So I don't send/recv faxes on my mac using broadband?

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    Seems so in the Help reference:

    "The fax is sent as soon as your modem is available. ( For example, if you're using your modem to connect to the Internet, the fax is sent after you disconnect from your Internet service provider.)"

    So do I also need to have my traditional dial-up lead in place at the same time?

    If someone calls me while my computer is connected to the phoneline (and I am on broadband ADSL) and I also have the same phoneline elsewhere in the house connected to a phone will the caller still be able to call me and will I hear the phone ring?

    If I send out 150 faxes on my computer do I have to stay connected to the phoneline 24:7 to ensure everyone's replies by fax still reach me?

    Thanks for your help and sorry if this seems elementary..


    For everyone's reference the OSX Help description:

    Receiving a fax

    Before someone can send you a fax, you need to set up your computer to receive faxes. You also need to select how you want to be notified that you've received a fax. For example, you can have incoming faxes print automatically or be sent to you via email. To learn more about setting up your Mac to receive faxes, click "Tell me more."

    To receive a fax, your computer must be turned on and connected to an open telephone line. For example, if you're using your modem to connect to the web, you can't receive a fax.

    You don't have to be logged in to receive a fax, but if you're computer goes to sleep, it cannot receive faxes. To prevent your computer from sleeping, open System Preferences and click Energy Saver.
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    ok faxes go over your traditional telephone service. and yes if you want to recieve and send faxes your machine NEEDS to be connected to that phone line. DSL will not work because it uses a different frequency on the phone line. they are totally separate and will not bother each other, nor will they substitute the other.

    hence each fax line has a phone number... you type in that number, your machine dials that number and starts ping bong, ding, SSHHHHHH and sends the fax. all while your computer is still online using the broadband connection. the ISP disconnection thing is for people who use aol, earthlink or any other traditional telephone ISP.
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    Thanks Logik..


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