So, I mess up my Cydia!, what now?

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    Dec 5, 2008
    Ok, so I Restore and jailbreak it again, but is theres any way to keep my 3rd party apps?? (remember i cant use cydia)


    Ok, heres the thing, I dont know why my iPhone seems to consume more battery than my brother's iPhone, Both are 3G, almost the same age (1 month or so difference) and his is older. We both have basically the same Apps (App Store) and (Cydia Apps), so I said, well im going to check on Cydia, to see what do i have installed and what he haves!, maybe theres something that I have and he doesnt that its consuming my battery.

    So I check on cydia, and even when we both have the same apps, my iPhone had a lot and I mean like 20 more things installed, things that arent apps, maybe things needed to run some apps!? I dont know. So when i try to delete them, it tells me that its a essential thing of Cydia and if i delete it I might mess up cydia or something on the iphone, so i said, "DAMN i dont want to try my luck, forget it i leave it like it is" and BOOM! guess what?, instead of clicking cancel delete, i click FORCE DELETE!, and it delete it and everything seems ok and all, HEHE a few minutes later when i try to enter to cydia again it wont work!

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    When you "quit" an app, you aren't actually "quitting" it. There is an app on Cydia that quits apps right when you "quit" them. I don't know the reason why they stay kind of open. The app on Cydia quits them right when you quit them which frees up memory (RAM) and in the long run, saves battery life.

    You DON'T want to delete the essentials in Cydia. That is why they are called essentials, not pseudo-essential.;)

    The reason for the variance in battery life may be because you and your brother are doing different things. For example, playing games and watching videos is going to limit your battery life to considerably less than listening to music and text messaging with 3G turned off. A way to test if there is a real difference in the battery life is to put them in a side-by-side test. Directions below:

    **The iPhone Battery Showdown**
    1) Fully charge both iPhones and set the Auto-lock setting to Never. This will keep the phones on and they will not turn off later in the showdown.
    2) Make sure 3G is either turned on or off on both phones, as well as bluetooth, push data, WiFi and all other settings are the same.
    3) Load a long movie (2 hours+) on the iPhones. Make sure it is the same movie.
    4) Unplug the iPhones at the same time and don't play with them at all. Whatever you do to one, you must do to the other.
    5) Start the movie on both iPhones at the same time. Make sure the volume is set at the same level.
    6) Let the movie play until the iPhone is out of battery. It shouldn't take very long. Only about 3-4 hours so do it overnight or while you can deal with not having your iPhone.

    I think this will be an exciting match!
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    Dec 5, 2008
    You know the name of that app that kills the apps!??, can you please check me that?

    I know about the essentials, i didnt know it was essential, till it advice me, but my finger miss the button for a few mm and it was gone!:(

    Usually my phone stays on sleep for, and he call and recieve a few calls (4-6 short) , he always have his Wifi on, I always have it off, and then we have the same battery!?, wich makes me think mine eats more batt., anyways i think i will do the BATTERY SHOWDOWN!, hehehe
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    Dec 5, 2008
    So today i test again,

    My bro arrived at work earlier than me so that means mine was charging longer than his, so he conect his phone to the sound system for 30 minutes maybe more and he got a few calls, while mine was at my pocket , no use at all. His wifi was ON mine was Off and like 1.5 hours later I check his and my battery and mine had "91" while his got "92" , WTF!!!??
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    Dec 29, 2007
    San Jose
    Maybe you have Location Services ON? 3g ON? Push ON? while he dosen't?
  6. Opie macrumors 6502a


    Jun 17, 2008
    Is 1 percent really that big of a deal ? Also do you let the battery run down all the way every time? If so DON"T. Charge whenever you can. Whats your usage and standby times?
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    The more you run it down, the less time you will have and it wears the battery out more. If you charge it, it will have more life! Simple as that!

  8. DPA macrumors 65816


    It's on the App Store, (I think there's one on Cydia but the Apple Approved apps are usually safer) it's called Free Memory.

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    Dec 5, 2008
    DUDE!!? read that again!, mine have 1% more, but it was on sleep all the morning since i unplug it, my bro's was playing music for 30+ minutes, wifi on, using it to talk with people (1-3 short calls), its more than obvious that mine its consuming WAY more battery than his

    ALSO all the other setting wer exactly the same on both ( Push, 3g, bla bla bla) exept for wifi that his is always on and mine was off.

    also, I charge the phone every night, it rarely goes below 50%.
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    Take it into an Apple Store if you can because they can do a battery test with the two. If one of the batteries proves faulty, they may replace it. Make sure you restore before you take it in because jailbreaking voids your warranty, a restore clears all evidence of jailbreak. This isn't scamming Apple because jailbreaking, by itself, can in no way make your battery go bad.


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