So I'm sitting here in the Airport...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by corywoolf, Apr 10, 2006.

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    Jun 28, 2004
    So I'm sitting here in the Orlando International Airport, ready to fly back home to Michigan. I am extremely tired and bored (please excuse any typos). After researching Full Sail Real World Education for the past couple months, my mom decided to take me down to Florida to check out the campus and take the monthly tour. I was pumped, the decision to go was spare-of-the-moment and made just a couple days before the tour (April 9th). I had heard/read an awful lot of negative things about Full Sail, but I needed to see it for myself. The tour was fast pace and felt like a roller coaster in many ways. Each station was only five minutes long and extremely brief. The instructors sucked up and were showing it. We moved along like groups of cattle, always told that we can ask more questions another time. The final stop was a auditorium with a live band playing and cool lighting combined with loads of flat screen TVs displaying the live event. We listened to the band for an abserd amount of time and then finally the speaker came up to talk about the school and more so to brainwash any of the remainders of the unconvinced maggots. We listen to over a half hour of a Pat Murphey Stark(esque) lady tlaking about the successful students who went onto make millions of dollars. Strangely enough, never once do they quote or have video of these so called PROUD Full Sail Grads. I see the rest of the heard starring blindly into the light, being sucked into the wrath of Full Sail. My mom is just as zombified and buying every last word from Ms. Stark's mouth. I start to feel the Full Sail buzz and try to remain intact. The metallic portal windows and ambient blue reflected lighting has already hypnotized the rest. the Aesthetics of the decked out labs and designer looks. So at the end of the tour we were finally roped off into the massive holding tent to sign up. To be continued, must go fly now.
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    well sounds like that school isn't for you. No harm in that.

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