So I've been doing some research into computer monitors...

Discussion in 'iMac' started by MVApple, Aug 11, 2008.

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    and it seems finding a perfect s-ips is extremely difficult! After hearing all the bad stuff about Apple's displays I started looking at something other than an iMac. Well finding an s-ips screen that doesn't have some type of problem is super tough. In fact, finding any screen panel that doesn't have some defect is nearly impossible. Hazaro monitors seem to get really good reviews but I'm located in the United States and those panels are only available in Europe. HP is coming out with a 24" s-ips monitor in the next month or so but the jury of course is still out on how good this panel will be.

    My understanding is that we can blame HDTV's for taking up the majority of the good panels, that and for those of us in the United States we can blame are fellow American's since the average joe wants to walk into Best Buy and buy the biggest monitor they can while paying the least possible, nevermind quality.

    I thought this would be a worthwhile post to keep things in perspective that while the iMac screens seem to be imperfect, this situation is definately not an Apple isolated problem.
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    It is possible to find a good screen, even on an imac from apple. You just need to be lucky!
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    Personally I think the display on my iMac is brilliant, especially side-by-side with my Dell 24" and DGM 24" at work.
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