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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Rm.237, Jan 7, 2011.

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    So how would this ultimately work out. I added a line to my account two days ago by ordering an iPhone 4 from AT&T. The are sending it FedEx and the delivery estimate has it arriving on Monday. Long story short is I needed the iPhone for the weekend and ended up calling AT&T to see what would happen if I went and added a line tonight at the Apple Store (they were out of stock initially) and when the iPhone came in on Monday I could just return it and cancel that line. Sounded easy to me as it would be a wash. The thing is though is that the AT&T rep told me that I was not able to return the iPhone 4 but he could cancel the line while we were on the phone with zero fees as the line was just added. :confused: Uh ok. So basically that's exactly what he did. I then went to the Apple Store and got my new iPhone by adding my line. So Monday is going to roll around I will that iPhone that I paid $199 for and the line has been cancelled. Of course I'm thinking eBay or selling it to a friend. I mean the rep did tell me I couldn't return it. But I have a feeling that it would come back to bite me in the ass. Like when AT&T catches up to it so to speak. It's just too glaringly obvious to be a loophole. Right?
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    Or a large AT&T bill in the future?
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    They will charge the ETF unless they get the phone, this happened to me once with sprint, I got a phone and cancelled before my 30 days were up and retrned the phone to best buy, but the best buy rep never told sprint I returned the phone, so I was charged the ETF. I had to go back to best buy, give them my return slip showing I returned the phone, and waited there while the best buy rep called sprint and confirmed I had returned the phone to reverse the ETF. I hung around the second time to make sure they called it in that time.
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    Yep, prepare to get billed an additional $325.

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