So randomly, signal at my house is horrible

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by lpolarityl, Sep 13, 2010.

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    Dec 1, 2009
    Within the passed two weeks the signal at my home has actually lessened, no clue why or how. It was time for my wife to upgrade, so we got her a iPhone 4 and she has had horrible signal and dropped calls, even more than her iPhone 3G which surprised me. I however, have not had the same amount of dropped calls, but dropped calls have been happening within the passed two weeks, but weren't prior.

    To make a long post short, how do I go about acquiring a 'free' MicroCell? Reception wasn't this poor with our 3G's, but with the iPhone 4 it has become very, very poor, no bars at all on both of our phones. My wife hasn't had hers for more than 7 days, so we are still within the return period. Do we have to threaten to return her iPhone 4 to score a MicroCell?
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    Have you called AT&T and explained to them the problems you've been having?
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    They are probably working on the service. Get the mark the spot app. It should tell you mts news for your area.

    In the area that I work, they said they added network capacity and are adding a new cell site. Two weeks prior, I was wondering why the 3G service was shoddy.
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    Not yet since my service wasn't THIS bad 3 weeks ago. I plan to today though.

    I have the app and have been reporting when issues occur. Hopefully upgrading is the cause, we'll see!

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