So shall I buy a MBP or not?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by aliquis-, Aug 7, 2007.

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    May 20, 2007
    Ok, I've wanted to run OS X since it was first released, I saw it live during 10.2 and back when I wanted a 12" iBook G4 but couldn't afford it.

    During late 2006 I could afford one with some help so I waited for the MBP update, saw it had 128MB vram, got worried about what version to get and waited some time. Later I registered for ADC Student membership to more or less force myself to buy one (and also keep the rabate for later use if not.)

    Time went on and I started to wait for a new version, because with some luck it would have 256MB vram, it didn't as we all know. So I was back into worrying mode.

    But thing is, I registered for ADC Student membership october 27th 2006 so it will run out at the same date this year, so if I want to have my discount I better order before that.

    And here comes the question, now I've waited two months+ because I can't decide if I should get a MBP or not, 2006 and 2005 MBPs saw releases in october but can I expect one in oct 2007? I doubt it since it's so close to last update, Intel doesn't have anything cool to put out and Apple will release Leopard so they will make some noise anyway.

    So the question is simply, shall I buy one now because the next update will be after my membership have run out or shall I wait and see if the next rev is any better?

    I doubt next rev will be a major change (hybrid drives?) and I really doubt Apple will raise the amount of VRAM, even less so now when the cheapest iMac got 128MB aswell... But.. what to do?

    If I would upgrade to 256MB version I would go 17" 1920x1200 because it's such a step due to the retarded CPU upgrade I don't need so I better get some things I have usage for. But it cost sooo much, I can get a new gaming PC for Starcraft 2 when released for that amount of money anyway. So I think I'll skip that option, from low end 15.4" to high end 17" is almost as much money as a new iMac 20" anyway... So I can just get one of those in 1-2 years time in that case instead ;/

    Will 128MB vram work nice for regular APPS using dual screen on a MBP? (20" 1680x1050 on second screen)

    Also does the 1440x900 become crippled and small in say things like GarageBand in iLife 08 or does it work without feeling very crammed?

    I know there are no people who can see the future here, but anyway =P
    Oh this sucks so much :D

    How much would you people have regret if you waited until 65 days after latest product update? I know some of you have exchanged your machines 3-5 times so I guess those of you might even had prefered it if the first one woule work as it should from day 1 =P
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    Jun 27, 2006
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    I doubt that new MacBook Pros will come out until january. And buy it, you won't be sorry, 128MB VRAM is plenty for a 20" monitor. I'm running my 128MB X1600 on a 22" monitor and its fine.

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