so should i go for ipad, macbook pro, or BOTH?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by shyam09, Oct 31, 2010.

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    Oct 31, 2010
    hey guys can you help me out with a problem im having..
    so today my dad announced that he was going to be getting a macbook pro for me and my sis (his friend says that we might be able to get discount or something)

    when i asked him when he needed the info. he told me by christmas. So i was like what about Jan or feb.. and my mom was like don't argue, and my dad was like "Look, im paying for it this time, so either get it or dont, your choice"

    so im thinking about getting it but one question (if anyone knows this)

    does apple give better deals on black Friday or Christmas?

    Im thinking about buying a Macbook Pro with SSD and all. and also if i can get a good enough discount on the ipad, should i go for that too, or not? like i said my dad will pay for the pro, and im not too sure about the ipad…

    anyone please help me decide.. realy really confused.

    EDIT: one more thing i forgot.. or should iget the itouch instead? im really confused XD

    EDIT (sry for double edit. one more thing. about the ipad, im sorta getting it so my mom can use it too. she isnt very technological i guess, so i figure she can check her email and look at pics on the ipad itself.. and im thinking about being a medical student too so i can get the "tablet version of things rather then pay so much money? and im sure that my parents will be using either of my computer (cuz i generally share with them).. so ..

    EDIT (3): another thing popped in- last one i promise.. i also can do work from the ipad. my second job requires me to monitor facebook, twitter, and all. so just a thing to put in…

    *if i get a good enough deal i might buy the ipad myself with my own cash... idk right now
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    Jun 30, 2007
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    My vote is for the MBP. I don't feel the iPad can function as a stand alone system yet. Save some cash get that later.

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