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    Ok so first a little info. I currently have an original Airport card in my Titanium Powerbook, and the other day I noticed I had a WPC54G V1 card (Linksys 54G PCMCIA) laying around and thought I would try it out with my powerbook. It works all well and good since it has the same chipset as the Airport Extreme. It is recognized on en2 and it can even coexist with the original Airport card still installed internally.

    Though heres the odd thing. Everytime I turn on my powerbook, it adds another entry into the Network Preferences. I mean these things are starting to add up. I would hate to think of what this will look like in a few months. I included a screenshot of it. Anyone have any ideas on how to stop this, or is there any way to manually remove the entries perhaps? It must store these entries somewhere.

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