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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Imixmuan, Mar 7, 2017.

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    .... along with Mi5 can apparently read anything and everything on my computer(s). According to Russian Intelligence (oops, I mean Wikileaks) they have viruses, trojans, malware and other zero day exploits that work on Windows, OS X, Linux ( bet Linus and or Stalhman are having major league aneurysms today), Android, iOS and even Samsung TVs. I'm no security expert, but if your exploits are all at the OS level, any encryption is....well, BS. I did wonder though.....does this also apply to our ancient PowerPC macs, ie, is there any "security in obscurity"? I mean, who has the time to invest in writing PowerPC OS X code, even at the CIA and NSA or GCHQ? Maybe Intel or someone more technically minded than I can answer that question.

    I have long adopted the notion that everything I do online isn't really private, and I TRY not to do anything online that I wouldn't do offline....but after today can we say there is any privacy online at all? Are we already living in the dystopian 1984 Apple commercial, with Big Brother (or God Emperor Trump) watching our every move and thought? Does anyone even care anymore?

    Beginning to think maybe its time to move permanently to one of the BSDs. Not so much to avoid the CIA, I honestly quite like the CIA. In case anyone is reading this.
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    I think if you just assume that everything you do is not private, even within your own spaces you're probably better off. That would include assuming they're inside PowerPC devices as well.

    The best you can hope for is that you haven't pissed some anonymous person off or transgressed some invisible line somewhere.
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    They've been collecting these tools for years, but I think the PPC stuff is the least likely.

    A secure password, good encryption, a secure VPN, a good firewall, and maybe some third-party security tools are probably your best friend.

    If you are concerned, then you need a modern machine that can be patched and upgraded. Or write your own...
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    The files released are very interesting, it will take sometime until its all been reviewed. I've had a copy for just over 12 hours and did find documents indicating OS X was a target. Take a look at this page for an example -
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    You may not be any safer with a modern OS unless it's Tails or another OS built to be secure.
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    Assume absolutely nothing is private no matter what O/S or device you use and then decide to go online or not - because that's what it really boils down to.

    Spy agencies spy - that's what they do, hopefully to keep us safe and hopefully with procedures against abuse of the system - I doubt they have the manpower to sit and watch me picking my nose of an evening whilst watching TV and it comes as no 'revelation' to me that they have all this access, back doors etc.

    But at the same time I'm kind of glad that they CAN do that to a terror suspect...

    With this in mind I decide whether to use the internet and what to use it for, I use it for information and I use it for entertainment but I decide not to use it to lay bare my life on social media, that's just my choice.

    I may not agree with it from an idealistic sense but it's more complicated to argue from a practical one.

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