So.. this green pixel issue with the 30" ACD...

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by StephenCampbell, Aug 16, 2012.

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    I just bought a used 30" ACD today, and if the screen is on and displaying black, I can see hundreds of very faint stuck green pixels. I searched this forum and found others reporting similar experiences.

    Does Apple ever replace/repair hardware that isn't under a warranty? There are Hundreds of the little green guys.

    But on the other hand... you can't ever see any of them unless you make the screen go dark and look Really close. So... naturally there are scores of satisfied customers who have no idea that anything is "wrong" with their screen... and that leads me to a question. Can this be considered a defect? If the screen looks and functions perfectly for all normal use (i.e. not putting your face up to the screen like an idiot), isn't anything else going on in the screen irrelevant then? What needs to be there to make the experience what it's supposed to be is there... and there are likely thousands of people with screens just like this who have no idea and are perfectly happy.

    What would you do in my situation? I could always just sell it.. I got a great deal on it, I could make my money back for sure, likely plus some.
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    It's very unlikely that Apple will repair it without a high cost. Some people have reported that the green pixels go away depending on which computer they use their 30" ACD with. It's been theorized that this is caused by how the GPU handles its memory. What computer are you using it with and what video card are you using?
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    Mac Pro 1,1 with X1900XT. I'm about to upgrade to the HD 5770 though.. that decision was made before I even got this screen.

    I guess I'm essentially asking a question that nobody should be able to answer For me.. yet I am asking it anyway. If these faint green dots play no role whatsoever in my usage of this screen, unless I actually darken the screen and look up close... should I care?

    edit: Also... I'm going to be buying a new screen anyway either A. When/if they upgrade the Mac Pro and I buy one, Or when they create a retina Cinema Display. So this isn't a long term relationship one way or another.. :p

    edit 2: My old 23" ACD that I was using until now has actually begun having serious ghosting issues lately.. which I don't believe were there when I first got the setup in 2006. My x1900xt could very well be frying or something. Though there's no ghosting on the 30".

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