So what happens when my mobileme expires?

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    I decided not to pay for mobile me for another year(cause I'm broke lol), and switch over to gmail. So I've imported all my mobileme emails to gmail, and have changed my email address everywhere that I know of, but I still get a few random emails from people who don't know that I switched my email.

    I'm an officer for a pre-med club so there are LOTS OF PEOPLE from my school(a lot whom I don't know) out there who have my mobileme email address, and who contact me randomly if they have a question. Obviously I can't contact all of them to give them my new gmail email address.

    So will I still be able to view my mobileme email? Or how does it work when it expires? Mine expires in 20 days.... Hopefully I'll be able to view my mobileme emails somehow....
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    I vaguely recall there was a way to keep the email account going for cheap without doing a complete renewal. Take a look at your account settings on the MobleMe website for renewal options.
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    ^5 I don't think there is a way to keep the e-mail account. If there is, it is not very well documented. Usually, you get some warnings for a few days and then if you happen to renew within 30 days or so, you can recover your old e-mail address.
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    You will not be able to access your mobileme email and anything saved in your account (mail, idisk etc) will be permanently deleted.
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    This is the reason I use Gmail despite having MobileMe. I may decide to stop mobile me one day in the future.

    I do know that you can reclaim your MobileMe account many months later. I did a trial and then about a year later I decided to buy. I tried to re-login and was told my account had expired and I had to pay subscription. I did and I got the old username and account back.
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