So, what really can't it do?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by kramerica2, Apr 3, 2010.

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    Up until today I wanted an ipad but couldn't justify the purchase.
    Today, my laptop was stolen and now I'm thinking about the ipad as a laptop replacement. I can say with great confidence that 90% of the stuff I use my laptop for can be done with the ipad and probably easier and better. But what about the other 10%? here is where I can really use your help. I thought about it a bit and came out with a list. Please help me find more scenarios and correct me if I'm wrong somewhere. BTW, I'm only considering the 3g model.

    1. Editing MS office docs. There are rare times when I need ms office and iWork isn't enough. I believe that I'm willing to compromise here, and on those rare cases I could use logmein and edit those remotely on my desktop. It's far from ideal, but if I managed to do it with my iPhone, the ipad would be adequate for that.

    2. Flash content. There are still rare cases when I stumble upon a page that flash is crucial for viewing properly. Again, logmein could be used here.

    3. Connecting a DOK and transfering files from it. This is my biggest issue. The solution here would probably be the camera connection kit with a jailbroken ipad. I'll have to wait a bit to find out, but for me this would be the deal breaker.
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