So what's the process when the 6 arrives?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by dmaxdmax, Sep 29, 2014.

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    FedEx is scheduled to arrive tomorrow which is 3 weeks early. Boffo!

    So what happens then? How do I "turn off" my 5s and fire up my 6? Do I have to take it to Verizon? Can I bring it to an Apple Store? Does the SIM card stay with the 5s? I'm trading it in and have a mailing envelope.

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    I turned my 5S off and removed the Sim. Then I removed the pre installed SIM in the 6 and put the 5S sim in the 6. Turned on the 6. Followed the set up instructions on the iPhone and used iTunes to activate. You can choose iTunes, the cloud or via cellular to activate. That's it. Enjoy your phone. My advice is to use the sim from the 5S as it is already activated. If you use preinstalled sim, and for some reason it does not activate properly, you will have no working sim as the 5S will be deactivated if you use new sim. Then deactivate per instructions in subsequent posts.
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    Well are you setting it up as new or restore from your 5?

    Backup the 5.

    Turn on the 6. I have att so I guess it might be similar.
    Go through the initial Q/A for setting up the carrier.

    Once that is done, then phone should be activated and your 5 will not have service.

    Finish up setting it up.

    After the 6 is setup, wipe the 5 clean (Reset all settings). Pop in the mailer and send it off.
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    So how do you back up your 5s? iCloud or iTunes on a Mac or PC.
    I do the later, so this is what I do.
    Back up old phone. Remove sim and put in new phone. Connect to iTunes on iMac and options are restore from back up or set up new iPhone. I restore back up from my old iPhone.
    Everything should look how it did on your old iPhone. When your happy its all good, you are ready to wipe your old iPhone.
    Turn off find my iPhone , I messaging , FaceTime etc. Then you can reset phone. There your done. Enjoy your new iPhone.
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    Don't forget to turn off: find my iphone!
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    Good point!

    Thanks everyone. I have to say they make it easy.
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    As others have already explained, it's fairly easy to backup/activate/restore your way into the new phone.

    I would add that before doing your final backup of the outgoing phone, it's a good opportunity to do some cleanup. Apps you never use, photos, music, movies, etc. Basically when you restore/sync, it will reinstall all those to the new phone. Depending on how much data that is, it may take a while. If there's stuff you know you won't want on the new phone, it's better to remove it before the final backup of the old one so you don't spend the time restoring it onto the new one.

    Happy new phone day!
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