SO when can / can't you get calls??

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    For the longest time i thought that you couldn't get a call when on EDGE, but after missing a few important calls, i decided to find out. I was actively loading a page, called my cell, and it went through, which it has never done before. Ran a few apps, still went through, but using pandora, no go. Tried the web page load again, the E went away and the call came through. What gives?? It would be fine, but after exiting pandora, it took forever to get the little message that i got a voicemail, but if you don't leave one, it doesn't say missed call!! So if someone calls you while you are using pandora, you won't know. Anyone figure this all out?
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    Pandora and AOL Radio keep a constant connection to the internet. Surfing, even when downloading, has some gaps in the data transfer (plus there may be special code to stop the loading when a call comes int) allowing the call to go through. It would be nice is Pandora and AOL Radio would let calls through on EDGE, but that may require access to the hardware that Apple doesn't allow (YET).

    You still can't activate any EDGE service while on the phone, but you can with 3G and Wi-Fi.


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