So when does ATT get a refresh?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ct04, Jan 10, 2011.

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    Quick question for all. I'm supplied with a blackberry on a corporate plan, which means I'm tied to AT&T for the next year and a half before I take off for business school. I'm eligible for an upgrade to an iphone a week from tomorrow, which my company now supports, but obviously an ATT iphone.

    There's nothing wrong with my blackberry, and no pressing reason to get an iphone except that i really want one. Should I give in to my inner child and just grab a ip4? Or do people feel like Apple might throw AT&T a bone with an interim refresh to go with the cdma iphone?

    I don't really need a super-powered brand new phone, and i'm buying a black one regardless of what's available - just looking to avoid taking a plunge a week before something new pops out.

    Thanks all - and sorry for undoubtedly beating a dead horse, I didn't see anything similar with a cursory search.
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    im almost 100% sure there will not be an ATT refresh tomorrow and only a verizon iphone. If Apple sticks to past refreshes for the iPhone it will be upgraded at the WWDC in June. Check back here tomorrow after the conference and you will know what came out. I would go and buy and iPhone 4 next week unless you wanted to wait for the refresh in June.
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    I wouldn't be surprised to not see a refresh for any carrier until next January when LTE is more adapted. It's unlikely that Apple would release an LTE model until it's full adapted and it's unlikely they would release a non-LTE model just before LTE is adapted (IMO). Unless you can think of a major upgrade of iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 other than LTE, fill me in because iPhone 4 is pretty stacked and there isn't much that can get a full release better in 6 months (again, IMO).
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    the iphone 5 or whatever it will be called, will be out in June/July as per usual schedule.chances are it will just be a slight upgrade like iphoen 3G to 3GS. the CDMA iPhone will just be the standard iPhone 4 but with a CDMA chip. that's all.

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