So where are the Refurbs?


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Sep 23, 2003
I've been checking a few times each week since around 7 days after the iPhone's debut and there are no signs of any refurbished units for sale at the Apple Store online.

What I find odd about this is that there have been stories after stories of people taking their iPhones in and swopping them out for brand new units. My question is, where are all these returned handsets?

It took a couple weeks, but even :apple: TV made its way to the refurb store.

Any thoughts or insider knowledge?

I'm sure Apple isn't going to start popping them online for $30 off. It would just end up hurting the sales of brand new units.

Heck for even that small amount of a discount I would hop on one of those instead of buying a brand new unit in a heartbeat.


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Jul 3, 2007
My guess is the refurbs will be used as the rentable iPhone while yours is being serviced. I think it's way to early for them to offer iPhones, even refurbs as such a discounted rate.