So where exactly IS my music?

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    So, I had a bunch of songs that were simply unattainable through conventional means, namely the S1-4 BSG soundtrack and the complete expanded scores for the Transformers Trilogy. When I updated to Apple Music, the songs all got put in the Cloud obviously, and for some reason the copies on my computer were deleted...

    What happens to these songs that were forcefully uploaded should I not pay the subscription for the Apple Music streaming service? As I said, these songs are almost impossible to find, or in some cases (referring to more obscure custom songs) completely impossible to acquire any more, so as you can imagine, I am fairly concerned as to what will happen in the future, and whether Apple Music will delete the copies of MY music from my computer if I stop paying them.

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    I don't know - but these issues are pretty annoying. I had a bit of a mare when it first launched, and was able to get everything back to normal with a back up.

    It has mostly been fine since then, and the iTunes update, but I do still have a few odd issues - a few songs that have been replaced by different versions. So it kind of looks like everything went up to the cloud, and Apple returned whatever they had.

    Or perhaps in some cases, not returned anything if its something not in the iTunes / AM library.

    Just looked at one I noticed yesterday - its the right version in iTunes, and it displays as the right version on my phone, but when I play it on the phone it plays back a different version.

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