So..which MBshould i get? hard decisions..


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Nov 11, 2010
Hi all,
i need a new computer and thought about sharing my thoughts/dilemmas .. I'd appreciate your advice.

Currently i have dell n5010 connected to Dell u2312 screen at home, i use my comupter for light coding, surfing and downloading, i'm not playing games on that computer.I'm mostly working it in house and i do want to possibilty to travel with it.

I want to upgrade to a MB and this is where i have debates - I'm buying the computer at Hong Kong (possibly next week) - currently the options are
1. 13" MBA with upgrades CPU/RAM.
2. Refurbished 15" rMPB with 8/16gb ram, possibly GeForce instead of the integrated graphics

*option 2, because of the added memoty and added GPU is much more expensive, i read that the HD4000 is having troubles with the Retina display, is it true? even when not playing gameS"?

*As you read, currently the computer is connected mostly in house to an external display - but when i do leave home with it, are the differences between the retina and the air's display so much noticeable?

*how is 13" screen comfortable for programming? do you find it comfortable?

*what would you suggest me to get?



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May 3, 2009
You're debating between two laptops meant to solve two different solutions.

The 15" rMBP is a great machine (I have one), its screen is gorgeous and it screams.

The 13" MBA is slower, but is much more portable with a battery that should last you most of the day.

If portability and being away from power is high, then the MBA is a better choice. If you need horse power, then the MBP is the better option.

I think for your stated uses, the MBA is a fine machine. Ultimately check both out yourself and get a feel of how the screen is.


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Apr 23, 2009
For your use the MBA is THE perfect choice. More than powerful enough and very portable. I am forced to use a rMBP, and it is a truly great machine, but I still miss my old MBA!


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Oct 24, 2008
I disagree with both choices. Get a MBP Classic. You can upgrade ram, hard drives and even add an SSD later. It's powerful enough for the tasks you have but yet portable enough that it can suit mobile needs. It's also quite a bit cheaper than the 15" Retina.


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May 24, 2013
Macbook air for sure. You really don't need the extra price tag on the retina. You could also consider the classic macbook pros but they are pretty expensive for their hardware, with the much slower hard drive and the yr old processor. If you want more bang for your buck (although should we really go to Apple in that case? lol) the air trumps the classic pros, however, they will be un-upgradable.