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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by gazmac, May 17, 2011.

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    iGaza - the world's first iPhone app about Gaza and the campaign to end the siege was released through the Apple App Store on 2 May 2011. Whatever you thin about the issue, it is a good of social activism is being taken mobile with latest news pushed to your phone, library of UN resolutions, video, situation map, templated protest emails, and more... Get it now before Mossad tries to get it banned and relegated to Android land! :apple:

    The free app can be downloaded at link below:

    "I just downloaded a brand new free iPhone app called iGaza. I was pleasantly surprised by how good this is. It brings a stream of news about Palestine, more specifically Gaza and activism to break the blockade of Gaza right to your phone."
    The Electronic Intifada co-founder, Ali Abunimah.

    Anyone got any other examples of a social activism app that has got through the app review process and works for its targeted group?
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    You may not need it but what about all those that actually give a crap about the oppression of the Palestinian people and those in Gaza?
    IF you need to put sarcasm after a statement, esp one with a roll eyes, you need to work on it a bit.
    Pull you head out of your 4th point of contact and tune in to the world and what's going on..... The world is bigger than you.

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