Soft pouch without zipper or button?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by rdunlap, Oct 15, 2018.

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    So I’m looking for a nice pouch that I can put my iPhone in when it’s in my backpack. I play softball and will throw my iPhone in my backpack with all my other gear while I play. I’m afraid that with all the dirt in the backpack from my gear that my iPhone X will get all scratched up. What I’m looking for is a nice soft pouch with maybe a little protection WITHOUT a zipper or button to shut it because of the risk of scratching. Maybe a drawstring to tighten it. If you know of one or can find a nice one for me that would be much appreciated. Can’t seem to turn up much in my search.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I guess it matters if you have your iPhone in a case or not and how thick it is.

    I have used these and like all of them:
    Portel Pouch with CC slots
    Portel Pouch w/o CC slots
    Portel Landscape Pouch - has a button but it wont hurt your iPhone.
    Portel is great because you can email them and they will make your pouch custom. For example a couple of years ago I ordered a pouch kind of like the landscape one above, but I didn’t want the belt loop on the back. It wasn’t a problem.

    HardGraft Thin Case

    SFBags Fused Case
    SFBags Ranger
    SFBags Finn Wallet - has a zipper but wont hurt the phone

    Bellroy All Conditions Pouch - also has a zipper but they make it so it wont scratch the phone.

    My favorite was a zippered HardGraft pouch that I use when I go to the gym, but unfortunately they don’t make it anymore. Hope this helps.
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    Looking for a loose fitting case I guess you could say. I also rock the Apple Leather Case so it’s as thin as you can get.

    Thank you for the suggestions!

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