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Jul 1, 2010
Was shocked today when I went to their website and read this...

I just bought their Exhibeo 2 and Chroma apps a few months ago and use their Freeway Pro 7.

Does anyone know what happen, of course going out-of-business due to lack of funds, but now what options who use their programs?


To all our friends, partners and customers:

The end of Softpress Systems Ltd. has come. It has become clear that our prospects, both in terms of current revenue and new product development, are insufficient to sustain the company as a viable entity going forward.

It is with great sadness that we have made this decision; Softpress has been a part of our lives for over two decades. The challenges that we have overcome, the friendships we have found, and the daily efforts we have shared as a team, have defined much of our lives since 1993. Some of our team have been “on duty” here at Softpress Towers since the beginning.

We will do our best to ensure that users can get community support in the short term through FreewayTalk, though there are no plans to further develop our products at this time. Customer downloads will continue to be available from their respective links below and the Softpress KnowledgeBase is still active.

We wish we could do more. Who knows what comes next?

Thank you for your support over these many years.

For the whole of the Softpress Team,

Richard Logan and Joe Billings


Moderator emeritus
May 3, 2009
Sad, though I think its getting harder and harder to make a profit in software that creates web pages. I've not used Freeway pro, so I can't say what would work similarly, but there's blocs app, which is actively being developed as is RapidWeaver. There's also Sandvox, but that really hasn't seen much of a major update in years, so I'm not sure how viable that app is, in a long term sort of perspective.
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