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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Trebuin, Nov 23, 2008.

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    Ok, I currently live in Japan and have been considering getting an iPhone 3G through softbank. I've done a lot of looking around and just wanted to confirm this:

    I've heard that Softbank iPhones are designed in a way that they cannot be sim-unlocked to be used in the US when I return in 2 years. Also, I'm getting the impression that there still is no software unlock for the 3G, though I see tons of threads that I think are mislabled to think that they can be. Also, you have to buy the softbank iPhone due to the different simcard that softbank uses: "The sim card also looks to be locked inside the case. At least, I can't find a slot to get it out." Lynn

    I'm wondering what my options are. I would like the iphone because of the mp3 player, skype, and cell use all in one. Again, I'm here for 2 more years. I don't want to have to buy another phone in the US when I move, pricy.

    Here are my options:
    1) Buy it and hope there's a software unlock in the future
    2) Buy it and eat the money when I move (they can't be resold well at all)
    3) Buy an iTouch and carry two devices (I wanted to avoid this but may be the best option)
    4) Hold off until I get back to the states. (no easy skype)

    Could some of you post back some ideas/thoughts/suggestions? Thanks.

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    I haven't heard about the iPhone using any other type of sim card outside the standard kind. The dev team has control of the baseband which enables unlocking of the phone. We are just waiting for them to "implement it" which I believe they are just integrating the unlock into the next version of pwnage tool. It shouldn't be to long until anyone can unlock the iPhone 3G. But also keep in mind that the unlock that the dev team has devised will only work with the older baseband, and if you buy an iPhone in the near future it will probably come with 2.2 that has the new baseband and can't be unlock as of yet.

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